Birding and wildlife encounters





The Eastern Plains, locally known as "Los Llanos", is quite rich in both nature and culture. Discover the amazing biodiversity of the savannas and gallery forest while learning from the traditions of the locals, to then explore the highlands and different ecosystems of the Andean mountains


Day 1

After arrival to Bogota city, transfer to hotel

Day 2

After an early breakfast we will take our flight to Yopal city where we meet the driver of the Aurora Nature Reserve where we will stay for the next three nights. After a 4 hours drive we could start experiencing the amazing wildlife and culture of Los Llanos (Eastern Plains). At nights is possible to take a walk around the lodge searching for animal encounters

Day 3

In the first whole day in the field we will make a safari exploring the savanna and gallery forest in search for the amazing birds such as Scarlet Ibis and Hoatzins and other wildlife like the Green Anaconda, Armadillo, Anteater and many more. We we'll take our lunch in the field and enjoy a local harp serenade after dinner.

Day 4

In our second full day we'll take a boat trip along the Ariporo river and differnet streams we we might have good views of wildlife and ladscapes. Different trails inside thi huge reserve provide lots of options for walking and visiting the local houses.

Day 5

After a relax morning we will start our drive back to Yopal city where take a flight to Bogota where stay for one night.

Day 6

In this morning you will visit the Gold Museum in Bogota to learn a little about the ancient pre-colonial civilizations that used to live in Colombia. Then take a flight to Cali where stay for the next two nights.

Day 7

During this day we'll take a trip from Cali along the Anchicaya Valley where you will experience the change of ecosytems and rich biodiversity while descending in altitude. We'll visit the a small town where take lunch. Then retun to Cali for another overnight.

Day 8

After a relax morning enjoying the landscape and watching birds coming to eat fruits from the balcony, we will enroute towards the colorful town of Salento where stay for two nights.

Day 9

During this day we will take a walk along the beautiful Cocora Valley where you can see the national tree of Colombia, the Wax Palm, that is present in the valley. The trail continues into the cloud forest and reach a Natural Reserve where we can enjoy some hummingbird feeders and take our lunch and a cup of coffee. Then walk back to the Valley where meet our driver to go back to Salento.

Day 10

In the morning we will explore town and the surroundings, then we'll head to Manizales city and then enroute to Los Nevados National Park where stay in the surroundings at 3500m/11500ft of altitude for one night where you can enjoy the amazing scenery and hot springs inside the hotel.

Day 11

.wo nigths in the Tinamu Nature Reserve. At night we will walk inside the forest looking for nocturnal wildlife.

Day 11